The Marley Project

Hey Pals,

As you all know, @ClaptonTerrier, Matt, Lynne, Willium & Lola received #TheMarleyProject book this week. They wanted all of you to know how touched they were to receive your tributes to Marley and the efforts each of you put into taking the time to craft something for them.

So…..a few more notes though before we gives you a digital copy of the book.

1.  If you would like to *buy* your digital copy, you can do so by making a donation to @TerrierRescue. Yer PDF cost £3, so a £ or two is perfect amount 🙂

Just remember: To Marley’s family, Marley was that extra special dog we have just once in our lifetimes. Marley cannot be replaced, but the family is looking to home a new pup when the right one comes along. You never know – your donation just might be feeding Marley’s adopted sibling. Either way, your pennies make a difference to someone’s forever pal, so give one last time as a final hurray to the Legacy of Marley.

2.   As you know, Marley’s family received a hardcopy book and yours is a digital one. Remember like a real book, some pages span the centerfold so if it looks funny to you, it looks right in a real book. For notes hard to read, just magnify the PDF page size!

We did encounter one problem converting the digital file and is important you know. Marley’s book has what’s called a “Dust Jacket” on it wiph cover flaps. The file you gonna see has the front and back covers, but it is MISSING TWO PAGES!!! You know those little 1/2 flaps inside the front and back? Well, Marley’s has em but yours didn’t include em (don’t ask us why – weese just dogs). These pages are brilliant tributes to Marley so we has posted two photos below so you can sees the missing pages. First one is the front flap by @MarthatheWestie. Second is the back flap by @KrGuidedwalks.



And wiph that……here is your book.

Ollie and Da’Griff

Click on the link below to view a PDF file of TheMarleyProject


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